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Best Of 2004

Demo Breathing Fire, Demo, USA, 2004 Iron Boots, Demo Tape, USA, 2004 Abusive Action, Unbreakable Demo, Netherlands, 2004 Born In Hell, Demo Tape, USA, 2004 Scapegoat, Demo Tape, USA, 2004 Shorter Knife Fight, Burning Bridges 7″, USA, 2004 Running For Cover, Human Ruins 7″, USA, 2004 Disclose, Apocalypse Continues 7″, Japan, 2004 Christian Club, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2004 Gorilla Angreb, Self Titled 7″, Denmark, 2004 Longer Full Speed Ahead, Born To Lose 12″, USA, 2004 Forward, Burn Down The Corrupt Justice 12″, Japan, 2004 Call The Police, 1984 In 2003 12″, USA, 2004 Get Real, Shore Style 12″, USA,…
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Signifying Nothing Top 100 Of The 2000s

9 Shocks Terror, Zen & The Art Of Beating Your Ass LP, USA, 2002 86 Mentality, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2004 2000 Maniacs, State College Hardcore 7″, USA, 2005 ABC Weapons, The Process Of Decay LP, Australia, 2005 Abusive Action, Unbreakable Demo, Netherlands, 2004 Amdi Petersens Arme, Self Titled 7″, Denmark, 2000 Annihilation Time, Self Titled LP, USA, 2003 Avskum, Punkista LP, USA, 2002 Bloodkrow Butcher, Demo, USA, 2009 Born In Hell, Demo Tape, USA, 2004 Breathing Fire, Demo, USA, 2004 Burn, The Last Great Sea 7″, USA, 2002 Call The Police, 1984 In 2004 LP, USA, 2004 Calvary, Outnumbered…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Thirteen

Playlist Egghunt-We All Fall Down Flag Of Democracy-Baby Sitter Hail Of Rage-The Feeling’s Mutual God Forgot-Sex Is A Weapon Neanderthal-Built For Brutality Outburst-The Hard Way Raw Deal-Backtrack Raw Deal-Brightside Life’s Blood-Counting On Breakdown-Dissed & Dismissed Maximum Penalty-Hate Uppercut-Am I Clear? Sheer Terror-Not Giving Up Deadline-No End Hot Snakes-Suicide Invoice His Hero Is Gone-Unleash Chopping Block-213 Honeywell-Mesh Control 108-Scandal Government Warning-See The Truth Career Suicide-No Bullshit Iron Boots-Crashing Down Get Down-Get Down Spazz-Mad At The World

Iron Boots-Easy Green

Iron Boots Easy Green 7” Grave Mistake Records Oh man, if you thought the Iron Boots demo plagiarized Warzone, it only gets worse here. The first song, War Dogs, is pretty much note for note Fighting For Our Country. I think there needs to be some sort of MLA citation format for when bands do this. The rest of the songs on this 7” are decent to above average 1988 NYHC style in the vein of the aforementioned Warzone. While I was pretty into the demo, even though I chuckle at some of the ridiculously blatant Warzone rip-off parts, this…
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Mind Eraser

Mind Eraser are my favorite hardcore band right now. I was very impressed by their demo and then totally blown away by the Cave LP. I did this interview last week with Chris Corry. *** Was releasing the demo online a conscious choice the band made? In the age of $5 demo tapes and CDR demos that can hold 80 minutes of music but only have three songs on them, it was quite refreshing to see the Mind Eraser stuff online for everyone with a net connection to be able to check out. Nah it wasn’t really any kind of…
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