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Mental/Mind Eraser/Get Real/Robot Whales/Little Rascals

Mental/Mind Eraser/Get Real/Robot Whales/Little Rascals May 6th 2005 Brick NJ Dave Flynn and I headed up to Brick for this one. We almost bailed upon finding out that Mind Eraser had canceled, but I am glad we still made the trip. Since it was just the two of us, we took my truck to its first hardcore show in a few years. At this point Dave usually drives so it was actually somewhat cool to drive for once. After dealing with the pouring rain, some crappy directions, and a trip to the mighty Santosa’s for vegan Chinese food, we finally…
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June 18th 2005 Get Real-Splitting Headache-Little Rascals

June 18th 2005 Little Rascals–Splitting Headache–Get Real–Righteous Jams At the last minute, I believe Righteous Jams canceled this show. The show went on however. After going to get food we caught the tail end of whoever the opening band was. I believe they were from Brick, but I’m not entirely sure. At the end of their set they busted out a cover of Floorpunch’s Not For Me. Cool. The Little Rascals were, albeit a bit sloppy, really good again. They opened with a Bad Brains cover and proceeded to play songs off of their seven inch and a couple newer…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Beta

Playlist Little Rascals-No Shirt No Shoes No Dice 97a-It’s In Our Power Fury-Space Love Hands Tied-Rearrange Fit For Abuse-Nuclear Threat Shark Attack-On The Attack Ten Yard Fight-First & Ten The Evens-All The Governors Signal Lost-Blueprints For Babylon Negative FX-Protester Lion Of Judah-War Of Souls Restless Youth-Already Dead Icepick-Angels N Demons Bold-Speak Out Judge-No Apologies Righteous Jams-The Fight Your Game Siege-Grim Reaper DRI-Reaganomics Spazz-Donger Mental-DFJ’s Diary Knife Fight-America’s Hardcore Soul Swallower-Dead Fall Low Profile Threat-Untitled Tragedy-Product Of A Cold War Depression Direct Control-Ronnie’s Dead Splitting Headache-School Of Life Drop Out Mind Eraser-Thawed Out Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck!-Fuck Your Flag…
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Little Rascals-Wig Out @ Asa’s

Little Rascals Wig Out At Asa’s 7” Collapse Records After being blown away by these guys twice live this summer, I had to check out their record. The shore’s own Bob Shedd put this one out so you know it will be good. The Little Rascals play NYHC style with heavy mosh parts. Did I mention how heavy the mosh parts are? I am not really much of a mosher anymore but both times I saw these guys I had to hit the dance floor. This is one of the best records to come out of the shore in a…
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