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Antidote-Full Speed Ahead @ The Black Cat In Red Bank NJ 3-24-99

The Black Cat was Ari Katz (Lifetime, Enuf, Up Front)’s record store. We went there a bunch of times and picked up good records. They did this and maybe a few other shows? I remember we talked in and the dude working there put on the Release 7”, which we dug. John moshed around the store. Antidote got back together and played this show and one other at Casino Skate Park. Oddly enough, they had Carl The Mosher on bass. This led to many calls for Icemen songs. Remember how hard we all looked for soundboards and then suddenly there was…
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In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2: The Reviews

These were the reviews from In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2 (#1 was a brief one pager that a few of these reviews appeared in originally). After a few issues of What Was Said, I switched names and tried pretty unsuccessfully to reboot the fanzine. A lot of the same problems that plagued WWS were all over this one too. This came out in the summer of 1998. I am thinking late in the month of August perhaps? I did not do another fanzine for about eight months before the first issue of Parade Brigade Fanzine came together.…
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Lifetime-Endeavor at Melody Bar in New Brunswick, NJ 11-22-97

I was never a big Lifetime fan for a few reasons. First, certain members of this band were pretty much straight up assholes and I was always pretty turned off by them. Second, a friend of ours growing up used to use Lifetime songs to emote his gross romantic obsessions with a few lady friends of ours. Eww. Nonetheless, I drove up with some friends and then met up with a few other friends of mine at one of their parents house and we were off to New Brunswick. Lifetime played two sets because so many people showed up. I…
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Lifetime-Somewhere In The Swamps Of New Jersey

Lifetime Somewhere In The Swamps Of New Jersey CD Jade Tree Records You know, in the year 2006 I just don’t see the use for a band like Lifetime. Listening to this right now just makes me mad: this is bad pop punk that has inspired millions of awful bands since. However, for what it is worth, this is a great collection of out of print material. This combines their singles, a bunch of compilations, and the Background LP. There is also a really terrible remix of Background that manages to make it even more unlistenable. Even though I can’t…
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Saves The Day

Mike McKenna did this interview for me in the spring of 1998. * 1. First off, tell me who’s in the band and who does what? Sean plays bass, Bryan plays the drumkit, Anthony and Justin play the guitars, and Chris sings. * 2. Give me some bio information if you could? Well, personally, I played in Mouthpiece for several years and then started a band called Hands Tied. After quitting Hands Tied, I got together with Chris, Bryan, and Justin and started Saves The Day in the late spring of 1997. Anthony did a band called Purpose previously to…
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