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American Nightmare-Death Threat-Striking Distance-Champion-A New Enemy-Outbreak @ Bound Brook NJ 5-31-02

Looking back, this was a really big show putting together some of the biggest bands of the time period. There have been so many bands called Outbreak over the years that I don’t even remember which one this was, nor do I really care probably. A New Enemy covered a Bad Brains song I think? Striking Distance were really good. I liked them live a lot more than I did on record. This how was really, really, packed, so I slipped onto the side of the stage to watch American Nightmare. Not my thing at all, but they always got…
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Mouthpiece-Rain On The Parade-Striking Distance-Time Flies-Down In Flames @ Wayne NJ 12-8-00

This was a long day! In the fall of 2000 I had three classes in the early afternoon up in Toms River: Gender Studies at 1200, Statistics at 1300, and then Biology at 1400. We had lab on Friday so my partner and I hurried through our lab stuff and I drove back down to Manahawkin to pick everyone up for the show. We then drove ALL the way up to Wayne, which is at least a two hour drive. I remember it was freezing cold and occasionally snowing as we drove up to the show. In the rush to…
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Burn-Count Me Out @ The Rotunda In Philadelphia PA 7-1-01

I hated every moment of this show besides when Burn was playing more or less. First, it was disgustingly hot. The AC in my car broke, so when it began raining as we went over the bridge, I had to open my windows a bit so they would not fog up, which meant everyone got wet. We finally found parking and met up at a friend’sĀ apartment and headed to the show with him, but not before his dogs tried to eat my shoes, which everyone thought was so fucking funny. I hate dogs. The rain had let up, but it…
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American Nightmare-Striking Distance-The Final Plan at The Kill Time Early 2002

the final plan from timefallsnear on Vimeo. I am pretty sure the date on that video is wrong. I think it is early 2002 because I am pretty sure this was the first show I went to after 9-11. I kind of ducked out for a bit after that because of some other shit that happened. Not going to shows for awhile, and dealing with other things in my life, made hardcore shows seem oddly detached. I felt this weird distance between me and everyone who was there. This was right about the time that I really began checking out…
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Striking Distance at Manahawkin NJ 2002 (?)

I don’t remember a ton about who played this show other than Striking Distance, but we had a lot of fun hanging out outside of this show. Our friend Brett brought his laptop and we watched episodes of Sealab 2021 in front of the venue and generally just hung out all afternoon. Striking Distance were good and I remember busted out a Sheer Terror cover at the end of their set.

Damage II

Anthony did this one for Fuck Rock Fanzine. I didn’t even know this interview existed until he sent it to me a few months ago. Actually, I don’t think I’ve even heard Damage II before. I know I saw the first Damage once and they had a bunch of songs with Simpsons themed names which was pretty cool. Thanks again for taking time out to do the interview. How are things going with Damage II? Are the upcoming west coast dates coming together? Damage II is going real well, things are moving a little slow, but we’re still getting somewhere.…
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