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One King Down-E Town Concrete-Rigid-Outlook-Tonsul-Tied Down 7-6-96

That Bates Lodge venue in Red Bank did a ton of shows from like 95-97 both big and small. Tied Down, Tonsul, and Rigid played a bunch of those shows. I think Tonsul sounded like Deadguy/Rorschach kind of stuff? Outlook did a demo that, if I recall right, kind of had a melodic Turning Point vibe to it. We used to run into a member of that band on LBI in the summer from time to time. E-Town Concrete were totally not my thing at all, but they were pretty nice guys. Random metal dudes in my high school got…
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Tied Down-Commin Correct-Others? @ Red Bank NJ August 1996

This was a big end of summer show in Red Bank. I remember Tied Down playing, but they may have switched their name to Prospect by then? I think Rich might have organized this show even? There was a flyer for sure, but I do not seem to have it. Commin Correct definitely played this show. I had interviewed Rick earlier in the summer and this show served as the debut for my first fanzine Assimilation Or Oblivion. I began wanting to interview Mouthpiece, Hardware Fanzine, and Fastbreak, and ended up with h2o (that a friend did) and 25 Ta…
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H20-Fastbreak-E Town Concrete @ Stone Pony In Asbury Park NJ Summer 1996

I think Fury Of V played this show too. Killing Time canceled. This was the first time I saw Fastbreak. I had just heard them a few days before (remember, music traveled a bit slower back then) and they were really good. This was also the first time I saw E-Town Concrete too, who seemed to play a ton of shows back then. This was a record release, or right after it, for the first H20 album. I remember a ton of people from my high school were at this show. Lots of rando pop punk kids. That is why…
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Madball-Fury Of V-E Town Concrete at Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ Summer 1996

Crystal and I went to this show. Demonstrating My Style had just come out and Madball were one of the best live bands going at the time. I wish I could remember who else played, but I think it was Second To None and Corrupt. A couple of posers from my high school went to this but all hide away from the pit and whatnot. E Town Concrete were totally not my thing, but they always got a crazy reaction. They had a few demos and I think I picked them up and a shirt which I traded a few…
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