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Reviews For Week Of August 10th

This video was actually my introduction to Beyond. Two or three songs from it were on this VHS tape I had around 1996 or maybe early 97. I just remember that they sounded so different than other NYHC bands and all the “Beyond! Beyond!”. There was a bootleg of their demo sometime in the spring/summer of 97 and I listened to that tape religously. Hazel’s Wart Regretful Dependencies Fast Shoegaze/Indie Rock that reminds me a lot of The Lilys and Sonic Youth. I am sure this has a big audience, but I do not really like it that much. I…
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Reviews For The Week Of July 25th

Mind Eraser at some Scion sponsored gig. I giggled at how DFJ bums out the bouncers. Blessed Offal Self Titled Tape Death metal coming highly recommended by friends who dig this stuff. While a few songs go on forever, Blessed Offal keeps them interesting with enough changes of pace to not lose me. This is pretty good. United Youth Demo Decent 88 style hardcore that goes by in the blink of an eye. I see a lot of potential for an ep. Keep going. Vaccine Crimes In Blood 5″ Painkiller Records I am glad this is a 5″ because there…
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Electric Wizard-Black Masses

Electric Wizard Black Masses LP Rise Above Records After being pretty lukewarm on their last few records, and not liking this one when it first came out, I am beginning to get into the latest record from Electric Wizard. Their previous sludgy, “stoner rock,” style has been accenuated by what I am deeming as some influence of bands like Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, and Lush. Really! Shoegazer meets Black Sabbath. This is growing on me…