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Best Of 2003

Demo Mind Eraser, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Running For Cover, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Justice, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Get Down, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Direct Control, Demo Tape, USA, 2003 Shorter Various Artists, Town Of Hardcore #6 7″, International, 2003 No Hope For The Kids, Das Reich 7″, Denmark, 2003 Far From Breaking, The Identity 7″, USA, 2003 Knife Fight, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2003 Annihilation Time, Bad Reputation 7″, USA, 2003 Longer Cold Sweat, Severed Ties 12″, USA, 2003 Avskum, Punkista 12″, USA, 2003 From Ashes Rise, Nightmares 12″, USA, 2003

Loud & Clear-Self Titled

Loud & Clear Self Titled LP Powered Records Loud & Clear are a new band with members of Dead Stop & Justice. Not surprisingly based on their namesake, Loud & Clear remind me a lot of The Abused and later 1980’s Straight Edge hardcore like Youth of Today and Brotherhood. Incidentally this also reminds me a bit of the XClaim! demo I helped distribute/put out back in the late nineties. In an era of slick youth crew bands with absolutely no substance this record is pretty raw sounding. This record is exactly what this genre should be sounding like in…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Twelve

Playlist SNFU-She’s Not On The Menu C.R.-Hate The Christian Right Enola Gay-Grav Et Nul Brotherhood-Three Things Terveet Kadet-Onnellisia Kytkentoja Teen Idles-I Drink Milk Minor Threat-Stand Up State Of Alert-I Hate The Kids Deadline-Hear The Cry Artificial Peace-Outside Looking In Red C-Pressure’s On Youth Brigade-Moral Majority Void-Dehumanized Government Issue-Hey Ronnie Untouchables-I Hate You Justice-Up & Down Negative Approach-Fashionable Idiots Look Back & Laugh-Open Wounds Pissed Jeans-Love Clown Authorities-Radiation Masturbation Fire Party-Jerk Citizens Arrest-Existence Life’s Blood-Human Power Absolution-Dead & Gone Nausea-Electrodes Born Against-The Good Father Fearless Iranians From Hell-Life In Iran Riff Raff-Riff Raff Bastards-Huominen Tulee, Painajainen Alkaa Don’t No-Innocence Of Youth…
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