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Ten Yard Fight

I interviewed Clevo from the band Ten Yard Fight in May of 1998 for my old fanzine Broken Behind This Wall. * How did you end up in Ten Yard Fight? That’s a good question. It all started in the summer of 1995. I had gotten out of the Army the summer before and my life just kind of sucked. I had a lot of personal problems and I needed a change. I got back into Straight Edge when I got out of the Army and I started going to shows again now that I had a lot more freedom…
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By The Grace Of God

This interview was done with Tommy in 1998 by this dude Mike McKenna who contributed some content to the fanzines I was doing around that time. * What’s going on in Louisville? Right now Louisville is doing just fine. We are going through a stage right now where a lot of great new hardcore, punk, and indie rock bands are coming out of the woodwork. Some great new bands you should check out are: Five Times Fast Flight 19 The Aasee Lake Automatic Tri-tet Half Seas Over The Dangers Espionage …just to name a few. The only thing that kind…
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Saves The Day

Mike McKenna did this interview for me in the spring of 1998. * 1. First off, tell me who’s in the band and who does what? Sean plays bass, Bryan plays the drumkit, Anthony and Justin play the guitars, and Chris sings. * 2. Give me some bio information if you could? Well, personally, I played in Mouthpiece for several years and then started a band called Hands Tied. After quitting Hands Tied, I got together with Chris, Bryan, and Justin and started Saves The Day in the late spring of 1997. Anthony did a band called Purpose previously to…
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Reach The Sky

I did this interview with Ian from the band Reach The Sky via email in December of 1998. *** So let’s put the rumors to rest: Are you signing with Victory or Indecision? We signed to Victory Records. Indecision was interested earlier and we talked, but Victory is where we wanted to go. It’s definitely the best fit for us. *** 2. Why did you sign to Victory and what are you putting out with them? Well, we are releasing a seven inch in March of 1999 to lay the groundwork for a full length in the early summer. The…
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It’s Alive Fanzine

I did this one with Fred Hammer over email sometime in the late 90’s. Originally, this was for some issue of the one pager fanzine I did at the time Broken Behind This Wall. *** How long have you been doing It’s Alive? I have been doing It’s Alive Fanzine for about eleven years. My first few issues didn’t have much in the way of content, they were only a few pages. As time went on I started interviewing bands I enjoyed: Scared Straight, Born Against, Outspoken, Gray Matter, No For An Answer, Half Off, Youth of Today, In My…
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