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Best Of 2001

Demo Invasion, Face Up To It! Demo, USA, 2001 Stop & Think, Demo Tape, USA, 2001 Framtid, Consuming Shit & Mind Pollution Demo, Japan, 2001 Shark Attack, Feeding Frenzy Demo, USA, 2001 Mental, Demo #2, USA, 2001 Shorter Tragedy, Can We Call This Life? 7″, USA, 2001 Think I Care, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2001 Disclose, A Mass Of Raw Sound Assault 7″, Japan, 2001 Crow, Neurotic Organization 7″, Japan, 2001 Various Artists, Reagan SS/John Brown’s Army, Split 7″, USA, 2001 Longer Deathreat, Consider It War 12″, USA, 2001 Demon System 13, Killed By The Kids 12″, Sweden, 2001 9…
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Signifying Nothing Top 100 Of The 2000s

9 Shocks Terror, Zen & The Art Of Beating Your Ass LP, USA, 2002 86 Mentality, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2004 2000 Maniacs, State College Hardcore 7″, USA, 2005 ABC Weapons, The Process Of Decay LP, Australia, 2005 Abusive Action, Unbreakable Demo, Netherlands, 2004 Amdi Petersens Arme, Self Titled 7″, Denmark, 2000 Annihilation Time, Self Titled LP, USA, 2003 Avskum, Punkista LP, USA, 2002 Bloodkrow Butcher, Demo, USA, 2009 Born In Hell, Demo Tape, USA, 2004 Breathing Fire, Demo, USA, 2004 Burn, The Last Great Sea 7″, USA, 2002 Call The Police, 1984 In 2004 LP, USA, 2004 Calvary, Outnumbered…
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Agnostic Front-Death Threat-Fit For Abuse @ CBGB December 2004

We totally blew it at this show. Obviously, the draw here was Fit For Abuse but we left pretty late and ended up missing them. We got there just as Death Threat (sadly not Deathreat) began playing. Agnostic Front set up and Roger went into some variation on “This is our first song, from our first album…” and the place went off. Played a lot of the hits plus some surprising songs from later records (such as New Jack) and an assortment of “newer” songs. They were good, but a bit sloppy. At the end of the set, they busted…
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May Reviews

Siamese Twins Demo More Nu-Shoegazer stuff from this band. I seem to be checking out a lot of these bands lately. This six song demo is pretty good, but not something that is really drawing my attention that much. I’m not a big fan of Catherine Wheel and that, along with a bit of Lush, is what this demo reminds me of. There are some elements of The Cure or Sisters of Mercy immersed in their sound as well, which is a little different but nevertheless not really my thing. Big shoegazer fans will want to check this out. Outlast New Jersey…
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Signifying Nothing 03×05

I think, at this point, the podcast is going to be canceled, or, at least, released in a different form than weekly (I’m thinking maybe a longer, monthly, show? Man, I can’t imagine how Al does two hours a week!). Since the show came back for the fall, listenership has been sporadic. This will leave the written portion of Signifying Nothing as the main focus. I have a large backlog of reviews to post, plus some other features I’d like to implement. Let’s see what happens as we experiment with this new format. Hopefully, people care enough to check it…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Sixteen

Playlist Deathreat-Since Day One Colt Turkey-Christmas Sucks Aburadako-Nothing Jello Biafra & DOA-Power Is Boring Frank Castle Gonna Break Your Neck-Everybody Is A Cop! Team Dresch-Fagetarian & Dyke Team Dresch-Free Wheel Team Dresch-The Council Team Dresch-Song For Anne Bannon Team Dresch-Don’t Try Suicide Team Dresch-Growing Up In Springfield Jawbox-Tools & Chrome Neos-Sexual Revolution Husker Du-Bricklayer Low Profile Threat-Ripe Ripcord-Starvation Cloak/Dagger-Shady Grove Cloak/Dagger-Last Call Fucked Up-Neat Parts Jerry’s Kids-Machine Gun Loud & Clear-Moderation The Stupids-What Happens Next Wrecks-Couldn’t Believe It Rupture-Bloodshed Is Better For Ratings Full Speed Ahead-Lost Signals M.A.D.-Holocaust Killing Children-Majority Painted Willie-Paper Tiger Weston-No Kind Of Superstar Straight Ahead-We Stand…
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Signifying Nothing Episode Twelve

Playlist SNFU-She’s Not On The Menu C.R.-Hate The Christian Right Enola Gay-Grav Et Nul Brotherhood-Three Things Terveet Kadet-Onnellisia Kytkentoja Teen Idles-I Drink Milk Minor Threat-Stand Up State Of Alert-I Hate The Kids Deadline-Hear The Cry Artificial Peace-Outside Looking In Red C-Pressure’s On Youth Brigade-Moral Majority Void-Dehumanized Government Issue-Hey Ronnie Untouchables-I Hate You Justice-Up & Down Negative Approach-Fashionable Idiots Look Back & Laugh-Open Wounds Pissed Jeans-Love Clown Authorities-Radiation Masturbation Fire Party-Jerk Citizens Arrest-Existence Life’s Blood-Human Power Absolution-Dead & Gone Nausea-Electrodes Born Against-The Good Father Fearless Iranians From Hell-Life In Iran Riff Raff-Riff Raff Bastards-Huominen Tulee, Painajainen Alkaa Don’t No-Innocence Of Youth…
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Born/Dead-Endless War…Repetition

Born/Dead Endless War…Repetition CD Prank Records I wasn’t that familiar with Born/Dead before Prank sent this CD in. This Oakland band play raging crusty hardcore somewhat similar to Deathreat, Midnight, and other bands of that nature. Born/Dead aren’t quite as good as Deathreat but I enjoyed listening to this CD, which collects a few different records including a split with Consume. There is also a pretty awesome Necros cover on here. I would check this one out.

Signal Lost-You’ll Never Get Us Down Again

Signal Lost You’ll Never Get Us Down 7” Prank Records After loving 2004’s Children Of The Wasteland, Signal Lost have come back with four more songs of excellent melodic hardcore. This record reminds me a lot of Husker Du and even some DC emo. If you liked their first LP this is a great progression from that. My only, minor, complaint is that Ashley’s vocals seem to be mixed pretty low. I liked on Children… how her vocals were so high in the mix and really stuck out on the record. Former members of Deathreat and J-Church.

Mind Eraser

Mind Eraser are my favorite hardcore band right now. I was very impressed by their demo and then totally blown away by the Cave LP. I did this interview last week with Chris Corry. *** Was releasing the demo online a conscious choice the band made? In the age of $5 demo tapes and CDR demos that can hold 80 minutes of music but only have three songs on them, it was quite refreshing to see the Mind Eraser stuff online for everyone with a net connection to be able to check out. Nah it wasn’t really any kind of…
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