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This interview was originally in Maximum Rock N Roll #100. This would have been reprinted in issue #2 of Not Normal Fanzine Interview May 10, 1991.  Present were Nick (Guitar), Keith (guitar), Charles (vocals), seminal guitarist Jon Hiltz, and Wardance label magnate Fred Alva.  Interview by Sam Mcpheeters.  MRR: There seems to be a big discrepancy between the earlier material you all recorded for several comps-Evacuate’s Look At All The Children Now, and Irate’s Forever 7”-and the sound that you got on the album.  It sounds like two different bands… Charles: The person we recorded the earliest stuff with, Don…
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Youth Of Today

I included this interview on the backside of Not Normal Fanzine. I cannot remember what about this one particularly stuck out for me to have reprinted it, but here it is. At the time, Not Normal was going to have a reprint (some of which will end up on here, including Rorschach, Bl’ast!, Raw Power, and more) but a 2nd issue never came out… *** Bessie Oakley did this interview with Ray and Porcell for Maximum Rock + Roll Wake up and live, breath every breath Wake up and live, until my death… “’Wake Up and Live’ is about living…
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Not Normal Fanzine

Not Normal was a fanzine I started in 2002 but never really got it off the ground. I did like the idea of combining more personal writing (2002 was a particularly ugly time in my life for a variety of reasons) with hardcore content, but a second issue did not really go anywhere. I am happy still with most of what is here. It is definitely a time capsule of that time in my life. Not Normal #1 would have probably featured The Snobs and a reprinted Bikini Kill interview. The Snobs broke up before I could interview them and…
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