Best Of 2000

Demo FYA, Demo Tape, USA, 2000 Voices Forming Weapons, Demo, USA, 2000 Tear It Up, Demo Tape, USA, 2000 No Justice, Demo Tape, USA, 2000 Shorter Shark Attack, Blood In The Water 7″, USA, 2000 Amdi Petersens Arme, Self Titled 7″, Denmark, 2000 Dead Nation, Painless 7″, USA, 2000 Think I Care, Draw The Lines 7″, USA, 2000 Longer Gordon Solie Mother Fuckers, Power Bomb Anthems 10″, USA, 2000 Degenerics, Generica LP, USA, 2000 Sportswear, Building Dwelling Think 12″, Norway, 2000 Tragedy, Self Titled 12″, USA, 2000 Last In Line, L’Eseccito Del Mortro 12″, USA, 2000

Seein’ Red @ Red Bank NJ 8-6-96

We…missed this show! It was supposed to be down the shore, but got moved to Red Bank at some point. News traveled slower in those days, so we drove up to the venue (not far away) and it was empty. Someone from the venue told us it got cancelled, so we went home after getting dinner and heading back to my house. Later that week I found out online it had been moved. Oh well. News traveled slower back then.

Top 100 of the 2010s

2×4, Eight Song EP 7”, USA, 2015 Aggression Pact, Instant Execution 7”, USA, 2017 Ajax, Self Titled 7”, USA, 2015 Ancient Filth, Everything In The Void Tape, USA, 2015 Arms Race, New Wave of British Hardcore 12”, England, 2016 Battle Ruins, Self Titled 12”, USA, 2014 Bloodkrow Butcher, Anti War 7″, USA, 2012 Blood Pressure, Surrounded 12″, USA, 2018 Boston Strangler, Fire 12”, USA, 2014 Brain Killer, Self Titled 7″, USA, 2012 Brain Tourniquet, Self Titled 7”, USA, 2019 The Bug, What’s Buggin’ You? Tape, USA, 2015 Chain Rank, Up Against The Wall 12″, USA, 2014 Citizens Arrest, Soaked In…
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Cro Mags-Judge-All Out War-Break Away-Trail Of Lies @ Philadelphia PA 12-2-17

We were in and out of this show! We left a bit late and got there just as Judge started playing. They were much better in a smaller room than they had been a few years before when I saw them at This Is Hardcore. Cro-Mags were fine too, but I’m kind of at a point where I just don’t need to see these bands anymore? Like if I do, that’s cool, but I don’t plan on going out of my way anymore for them. It’s still pretty wild that Judge plays all the time now.

Top 10 of 2019

Alphanumeric-Condemnation Of Memory Brain Tourniquet-Self Titled Hammered Hulls-Self Titled Heavy Discipline-Demo 2019 Jackal-Self Titled Nightmare-Thirsty & Wander Obedience-MMXIX Out Cold-Living Is Killing Me Process Black-Countdown Failure Subversive Rite-Songs For The End Times

Floorpunch-Shark Attack-Ekulu-Stag Party-Fence Cutter @ Asbury Park NJ 6-1-19

I missed the opener because I was outside catching up with a lot of friends. Stag Party not only has members I went to college with, but also to high school with! Neat. Ekulu is a band I just cannot get into at all. Every song feels like it is a minute too long and something is just….off. No one seems to agree with me about this though. Shark Attack, with some lineup changes, were really good and busted out a new cover of “Bloodstains” even. Floorpunch were solid as always. They are so tight these days. Porter alluded to…
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Eyehategod-Negative Approach-Sheer Terror @ Philadelphia PA 5-10-19

Three absolute heavyweights coming together for a quick and really solid show. Sheer Terror were a little sloppy at times, but generally really good. They played a good mix of new and old. From the first note, Negative Approach were a fiery ball of rage. One of my friends told me I spent the first few songs just smiling and nodding along. John Brannon is still the best vocalist in hardcore. I had not seen Eyehategod in a very long time and they were great. A good mix of old and new. What I really liked about this show is…
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Bane-Daltonic-The Purpose @ New Brunswick NJ 6-26-99

I actually went to this show to see Daltonic, who were a good band from MA that got down here from time to time. I think this was the basement show where we really bummed out some emos during Purpose. I didn’t even watch Bane. I remember being outside with a few friends trying to make dinner plans for after the show. This was a little before they really blew up, so they didn’t really get a big reaction. Like 6-9 months later, they were one of the biggest bands in hardcore.

Shark Attack-Fast Times-Tear It Up-Down In Flames-Holding On-Plan Of Action @ Brick NJ 3-30-01

I mostly remember this show for some of the covers that happened at it. Down In Flames covered Full Speed Ahead, while Fast Times covered Life’s Blood. I think I took pictures of both bands at this show, but I don’t have them anymore.Maybe Tear It Up too? I might have taken them for someone zine, so I just passed them off. Not sure. Shark Attack played a rousing set that had the room moving. They were so good live and got such a great reaction every time.

Mainstrike-Committed @ Manahawkin NJ Summer 1999

There is a long story about this show being moved from Waretown to Manahawkin that has taken on a legend of its own over the years. I was at work the whole afternoon, so I totally missed it until a friend called my job to tell me to go to Stewarts instead of Waretown. We had befriended Committed (especially Casey, who I still talk to today) and a lot of people from Cleveland, so there was some excitement for them playing. They were really good, but it was weird to get a pit going on concrete.A bunch of people I…
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