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In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2: The Reviews

These were the reviews from In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2 (#1 was a brief one pager that a few of these reviews appeared in originally). After a few issues of What Was Said, I switched names and tried pretty unsuccessfully to reboot the fanzine. A lot of the same problems that plagued WWS were all over this one too. This came out in the summer of 1998. I am thinking late in the month of August perhaps? I did not do another fanzine for about eight months before the first issue of Parade Brigade Fanzine came together.…
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Weapon X

Weapon X was a band who only played one show at the Manville Elks Lodge on August 9th 1997. Members of Weapon X have also been in Ensign, Vision, The Purpose, Black Turns Green, Kurbjaw, A Death In The Family, and some others. I remember the week before Floorpunch, Vision, and 25 Ta Life played the same venue. In fact, Manville would be a consistent venue for a few years after this. Sometimes I really miss the place. It was easy to get to (go around the circle, go up six lights, make a left!), the people who ran it seemed to be really cool, and I always knew no matter what show I…
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This is a cool picture of Raybeez, the singer of the New York hardcore band Warzone. Ray died in 1997. This picture was used as the back cover of the next fanzine I did as a tribute. It was taken by Christina Garcia. I can’t believe Ray has been dead almost ten years. In 1996 I was going to interview him for the fanzine I was doing at the time. We spoke a few times on the phone, and even after the interview fell through (long story) he still called once more to check in and see how I was…
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Parade Brigade #1

This is our personal pages from Parade Brigade #1. Nothing much to say here. The Spazz interview was actually in #1 (but the H-Street interview we mention later on wasn’t, huh?). The Kill Your Idols, Speak 714, Purpose, and Nerve Agents interviews are still unreleased to this day. We never got around to interviewing In My Eyes. Parade Brigade #1 Well, well, a new zine. John and I have combined forces and are now doing a zine together. ITBOAE is dead; not that anyone gives a fuck, but hey why not mention it? I figure fuck, I am the negative…
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Full Speed Ahead

Back in 1997 a few days after seeing S.O.D. and War Zone on consecutive days, we went to see Spazz play in Red Bank. Our curiosity was peaked by a band called Full Speed Ahead, were advertised on the flyer as having ex members of Human Remains, a band that we really liked. We did not get the type of band that we were expecting to get, but what we heard really impressed us. After getting free demos from the band (they gave them out through mail, how cool is that?) I knew I had to interview them. Not really…
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