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Ensign-Vision-The Fire Still Burns-Triple Threat-Charge-Test Of Courage-Ash Monday @ Manahawkin NJ 3-20-05

One of our friends put this show on. Vision had never played Manahawkin before, but Neurotic Impulse did in 1987. Ash Monday and Test of Courage were local bands. If I recall correctly, ToC covered an Underdog song? I don’t think Charge played this show. Triple Threat were good. I liked their 7″, which tried to blend speedy youth crew hardcore with something like Bl’ast! or Pressure Release. Generally it is pretty good. The Fire Sill Burns had members of Ensign and some others. Oh and Ensign played too. We packed it up front for Vision. Some of my students…
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Charge @ Old Bridge NJ November 2002

I wish I could remember who else played this show? Charge absolutely exploded on the NJHC scene in the fall of 2002. Their first few shows brought out a lot of people who loved their demo. Things took a different turn after awhile, but those first couple of shows were great. I recorded the audio of this show too.