Floorpunch-Down To Nothing-Invasion-Righteous Jams-Mind Eraser-Bracewar-Get Real-Staring Problem @ Stelton Church Edison NJ 1-16-10

When Floorpunch started playing gigs again, I kept missing them because of school and then work. This show was originally supposed to be in December, but a big snow storm the day of the show postponed it for a month or so.

I got so lost going to this show. I missed my exit on the Turnpike and had to drive around in a circle for about 20 minutes before figuring it out. I missed a few bands, but got there just as Mind Eraser began playing and I watched them from the back of the room. They opened with a Brotherhood cover and played a great set. When I started really looking back into the hardcore after a few years of indifference, Mind Eraser were one of the up and coming bands around the east coast. They are a great band.

A few people swapped instruments at the end of their set and we got a quick Invasion/Righteous Jams reunion as well.

Get Real played next and opened with four Cro-Mags covers. Down To Nothing played too, but I hung out in the side room with some friends during the set. I also spent a lot of time outside hanging out with friends because I think there was some delay between bands.

Floorpunch were good and people really went off for them hard and I packed it in up front to avoid a lot of the chaos. I think I danced for like one song and then we were out of there after the set. Wait, maybe I went alone?