Token Entry-Nerve Endings-Search-Out Of Body-Only Glory @ Philadelphia PA 7-24-16

This show seemed to pop up real suddenly a few weeks before, but I made sure to get a ticket. I have always missed Token Entry at their reunions (1994, 2011), so I definitely wanted to check them out. Adding Search to the show definitely sealed the deal for me.

I missed both Out Of Body and Only Glory because I was outside waiting for a friend to arrive at the show. Nerve Endings were okay, but I didn’t feel too moved by them either way.

Search are a new band member ex members of Mouthpiece, Hands Tied, Turning Point, Floorpunch, and others. I liked them a lot. Some songs reminded me a bit of Hands Tied, but I also heard from 82 NYHC influence. One song had a serious Antidote vibe like some of those later Hands Tied songs. They are going to be doing a record (didn’t hear if ep or full length) on Revelation soon. Stay tuned to this band.


When I got into hardcore Token Entry’s From Beneath The Streets album was my first “favorite” record that was not Dead Kennedys, Black Flag, etc. I taped it off a friend’s copy and wore the tape out during high school. My favorite bands back then were always band I would describe as “sounding like they come from another planet” (see also the drumming on “Sick People” on The Way It Is). Something about the production on FBTS sounded like nothing I had ever heard in my life. I had a soundboard of them too where they praised other favorites like Youth Of Today, which was awesome to hear from a non straight edge band.

Token Entry were really good. It was over 90 degrees outside and the venue’s air conditioning could not keep up with the heat, so the reaction to them was a little subdued. They went through all their classics from both albums and Timmy had good stuff to say between bands. I am happy I finally got to see them.