Floorpunch-Fast Times-Parting Shot @ The Melody Bar In New Brunswick NJ 1-17-99

This show was right before Floorpunch went to Europe. Fast Times and Parting Shot opened this show, but not sure who else. Had to be others, right? No one seems to remember.

Parting Shot were the dudes behind Impact Webzine (before it became a fanzine and then eventually Gordo did Double Cross with Tim) and Finish Line Fanzine. They did a pretty generic demo, but then a new recording that sounded a lot of Moondog and Beyond. Cool.

Fast Times was Ali’s band. They played a LOT of shows back then. Pretty much got booked on anything they could it seemed. They were pretty decent fast hardcore. It was a bummer how people focused so much on Ali stripping and having fake b00bz. One of the labels they were on had a poster that really narrowed in on HOT GIRL IN BAND SINGING and it sucked so much, but whatever I guess if that is the marketing you want to go with. I have not seen her in years I guess. She was really nice.

I think I did not watch whoever else played because I was watching football downstairs?

Floorpunch played a pretty dull set. They had a lot of equipment problems and they crowd was kind of a drag too. They sold those “New Jersey Crew” records at this show. I remember they ran out, but then someone told me they got one that someone in the band had held for them. For like a second I got mad, but then realized that this was seriously not something to be pissed about. Record collecting was pretty dumb.

I interviewed Bill, and then Zev and Kingshot, at this show afterwards. I was supposed to interview Porter, but he had to leave right afterwards. This would be the last Floorpunch show in America until The Final Mosh.