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I interviewed Uprise at Fieldsboro on January 4th 1997 during either Floorpunch or Ten Yard Fight’s set. I think it was Ten Yard Fight actually, because I was angry we missed Floorpunch on the way home. My ride wanted to leave early for some insane reason. To miss Floorpunch?!? The lowest blow had to be having to listen to The Descendents on the whole ride home. Yeah I really want to hear Silly Girl while we drive in the opposite direction of the best band in hardcore. Thankfully, I got a car a few months later. Interview is with Matt,…
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Rain On The Parade

John and Justin did this interview in May of 1997 for a zine called We’re Not Gonna Take It, which they never finished. We ended up finally using it in 2000 for Parade Brigade #2. This interview was conducted at the basketball court down the street from the New Providence Hall during Ensign’s set. Also present were myself and one of ROTP’s friends named Lee. I think I asked one question. John and Justin handled the rest. Ronny Little and Matt Smith give answers. *** Who is in the band and what do they do? Ronny-Right now it’s me, Ronny…
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Weapon X

Weapon X was a band who only played one show at the Manville Elks Lodge on August 9th 1997. Members of Weapon X have also been in Ensign, Vision, The Purpose, Black Turns Green, Kurbjaw, A Death In The Family, and some others. I remember the week before Floorpunch, Vision, and 25 Ta Life played the same venue. In fact, Manville would be a consistent venue for a few years after this. Sometimes I really miss the place. It was easy to get to (go around the circle, go up six lights, make a left!), the people who ran it seemed to be really cool, and I always knew no matter what show I…
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Saves The Day

Mike McKenna did this interview for me in the spring of 1998. * 1. First off, tell me who’s in the band and who does what? Sean plays bass, Bryan plays the drumkit, Anthony and Justin play the guitars, and Chris sings. * 2. Give me some bio information if you could? Well, personally, I played in Mouthpiece for several years and then started a band called Hands Tied. After quitting Hands Tied, I got together with Chris, Bryan, and Justin and started Saves The Day in the late spring of 1997. Anthony did a band called Purpose previously to…
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Parade Brigade #1

This is our personal pages from Parade Brigade #1. Nothing much to say here. The Spazz interview was actually in #1 (but the H-Street interview we mention later on wasn’t, huh?). The Kill Your Idols, Speak 714, Purpose, and Nerve Agents interviews are still unreleased to this day. We never got around to interviewing In My Eyes. Parade Brigade #1 Well, well, a new zine. John and I have combined forces and are now doing a zine together. ITBOAE is dead; not that anyone gives a fuck, but hey why not mention it? I figure fuck, I am the negative…
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We did this interview at Princeton Arts Council in May of 1998. I believe this show was with Speak 714, Rain On The Parade, and Automatic. I can’t really tell you about what they are doing these days, but at the time we all really liked Ensign. A lot of my memories of that era have been soured over the years, but we used to have a lot of fun whenever Ensign played. Their first 7” has held up pretty well over the years. Justin and I handled most of the questions. When I went to type this up I…
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