Ensign-Grade @ New Brunswick NJ 2000 (?)

This show was either in 1999 or 2000, but it is a little fuzzy in my head. I do know that it was on a week night and I needed to leave as easly as possible for a morning class (which could mean 2000 because I had an art history class at 8am with Carson, a few bros, and a bunch of pretty prepped out young ladies who hung out with us (!?) instead of the bros. Wah? I am still confused about tthat one for sure).

Ensign were….Ensign at this show. I remember Chris Oliver sang Lou Kollar’s part in that one song whose name escapes me. I seriously never knew Ensign’s song names that well. I hurt my ankle near the end of the set after a few people landed on me and hobbled up on stage and into the corner. I was okay after a few minutes, but I remember it hurt a lot before that. I dreaded driving home in pain, but I was fine by the time I was heading to my car in the parking lot down the street.

I watched a few Grade songs and then checked out. They were not my thing at all. I could never get into that random screaming stuff in emo songs at the time. I tried my best to be open minded around this time, but it never really stuck. Grade, or whatever, is not Side By Side.