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Vision-Ensign-The Purpose-Saves The Day In Somerset NJ 7-21-97

This show was at Aaron Leonovich’s parents house. Aaron was a nice kid a few years older than me who did Special Forces Records (who put out records by Saves The Day, Breakdown, Purpose, etc) and was around the scene for a lot of years. He did one of the early website I remember from a hardcore kid. I used to check out Talk Is Cheap every morning. This show was in a really nice neighborhood I remember hardcore kids kind of just hanging out all over the place. The basement was huge and there was plenty of room for…
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Parade Brigade Fanzine #1: The Reviews

We put out Parade Brigade Fanzine #1 in the spring of 1999. I have no idea what show we released it for, but I think it was at Manville Elks Lodge. Maybe. Amendment 18 Demo This band has members of a number of bands (Insted, Chorus Of Disapproval, Outspoken, etc) I had different expectations for this demo expecting more moshy stuff, but I got straight forward hardcore with interesting breakdowns. Lyrically, this isn’t as “militant,” as xChorusx was, but good all around especially “Eulogy.” I look forward to more. BW Bane Holding This Moment Equal Vision Records Bane sort of…
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XClaim! Interview

XClaim! were an Australian band in the mid to late nineties. I was very friendly with their vocalist Craig, who also did Talk Is Cheap and Edge Of Quarrel Fanzines. I did this interview with Craig over AOL Instant Messenger in April of 1998. We reference a tape compilation that we were trying to put together at the time. I will make a separate post to discuss that. BW: Who is all in XClaim! Craig: Terrific opening question Billy…but since you live in youth crew central, that being New Jersey for you slower people, I’ll answer this one. XClaim! is…
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Stick Together-Beware-Born Annoying-Secret Police @ Brick VFW 6-25-12

I needed to go back to the shore while on vacation to see my parents, so it was great I could time this visit with a Monday night show in Brick. My pal Bob Shedd booked this one at the old Brick VFW, one of seemingly numerous VFW halls in Brick, where bands like Breakdown, The Casualties, Righteous Jams, and many others have played over the years. After leaving the shore in an absolute downpour, I got up to Brick and got lost because my GPS crapped out. However, I started recognizing some landmarks and made it to the show…
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Show Review: Agnostic Front-The Last Stand-Ensign @ Asbury Lanes

After hearing that Agnostic Front was doing a “theme” set for their thirtieth anniversary of the “Live At CB’s” set, I figured I should check it out. Now, obviously, I am not exactly the biggest fan of their newer work. Actually, I don’t like any AF records post Victim In Pain. Nevertheless, the live record is pretty ill and in a live setting songs like Toxic Shock and Strength sound great. I can definitely get into that. I made the trek up to Asbury Park after a quiet day of errands and just hanging out. I caught the last few…
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Staring Problem-Pissed Human Dick Tape

Staring Problem Pissed Human Dick Tape Some old friends get together (former members of, amongst others, Get Real and Ensign), to play raging Bl’ast!/Black Flag style hardcore. Like many recent bands from the shore, this sound is accentuated with some pretty vicious mosh parts. I’ve ended up missing these guys play over and over the past few years, but this summer I’d love to check them out.

Staring Problem-Demo

Staring Problem Demo This is a few years old, but I wanted to get a review in. Former members of Ensign, Tear It Up, Robot Whales, and The Break get together to play Bl’ast!/Corrosion of Conformity inspired hardcore. The songs on this demo are really heavy and burly, reminding me a lot of Animosity era COC. They have a full length record out now on Indecision Records you should check out.

The Good Book-Demo 2006

The Good Book Demo 2006 This band has apparently already broken up, but this demo fucking rages hard. The Jersey Shore pedigree here is impressive: members have spent time in bands as varied as Ensign, Full Speed Ahead, Human Remains, S.O.V., and Tear It Up. In fact 3/5 of Full Speed Ahead were in this band. The five songs on this CD sound a lot like a median between Tear It Up (where vocalist Dave Ackerman spent time in before this band) and Full Speed Ahead. Fast, right to the point, hardcore in the vein of Bl’ast!, Black Flag and…
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Rain On The Parade

This is the interview I did with Rain On The Parade in April of 1997. Originally in What Was Said Fanzine. 1. Okay, who is in the band and all that crap? My name is Ronnie and I sing. DII plays one guitar. Justin plays the other. Matt jumps around with his bass. Chris just joined the band. He plays drums. 2. Have you guys gotten any shit for the lyrics to Body Bag? You know, with the way all this metal slop has taken over hardcore in the past few years, you’d think we’d catch some slack for writing…
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