Newz U Can Uze

  • Aversion Online recently posted about one of my favorite bands from the mid 90’s, Crown of Thornz. These guys were great live, really heavy and got insane reactions from the crowd. Train Yard Blues is a great record. For awhile once we started getting our driver’s licenses we would go see these guys because we knew they covered The Hardway by Outburst. We only saw them do it once or twice but we always checked them out when they played New Jersey.
  • The new issue of Stop, Look, & Listen Fanzine is out now. Check out their website for more information.
  • We Jam Econo is going to be screened a lot of places in November and December. Hopefully I will be seeing it in Philadelphia in the middle of the month.
  • Total Liberation is a new blog about veganism and animal rights. They already have Cro-Mags lyrics up so you know it is a winner. I mean really, the fucking Cro-Mags were vegetarians! Why aren’t you?
  • Those involved in the hardcore scene during the mid 90’s will remember Belief Fanzine. Chad is now online. I hope he gets some cool stuff up soon.
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