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At The Cost Of An Animal

A few weeks back, someone asked for stories about how people came to become vegetarians. As many people might know, I stopped eating meat a few years before I got fully involved with hardcore. I often tell a story about refusing to eat for a week because no one believed me (it still seems so strange to me that people think it is WEIRD not to eat meat) and another one about standing up to my parents on one of the, mercifully, few vacations we ever went on. The seeds of this came a little bit before that. If you’ll…
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Ten Yard Fight

I did this one with John Lacroix in the fall of 1996. This was while Anthony was still around; in fact, I believe it may have been a week or two after the Hardcore Pride 7” came out. Originally in What Was Said #1 *** Who is in the band, and what do they play? Wrench-Vocals John-Bass Chris-Guitar Anthony-Guitar Ryan-Drums *** What do you have out and coming out? We did a demo, which we made 700 of and now it’s being repressed on vinyl by SOA Records. We did a 7” called Hardcore Pride on Big Wheel which will…
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