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High School Baking Class

This picture brings back some memories. One of my students this semester asked me about high school pictures of me (it’s a long story how this came up). I spent most of high school ditching any photo ops, including the famed senior portrait, but they did catch me in baking class as you can see below. I am fairly certain that is an old Revelation era Shelter shirt I am wearing. This would have been in the fall of 1996. The two dudes with me are Rob and Anthony, who were both pretty cool. Rob was into a lot of…
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Ten Yard Fight

I did this one with John Lacroix in the fall of 1996. This was while Anthony was still around; in fact, I believe it may have been a week or two after the Hardcore Pride 7” came out. Originally in What Was Said #1 *** Who is in the band, and what do they play? Wrench-Vocals John-Bass Chris-Guitar Anthony-Guitar Ryan-Drums *** What do you have out and coming out? We did a demo, which we made 700 of and now it’s being repressed on vinyl by SOA Records. We did a 7” called Hardcore Pride on Big Wheel which will…
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