Mental/Mind Eraser/Get Real/Robot Whales/Little Rascals

Mental/Mind Eraser/Get Real/Robot Whales/Little Rascals
May 6th 2005
Brick NJ

Dave Flynn and I headed up to Brick for this one. We almost bailed upon finding out that Mind Eraser had canceled, but I am glad we still made the trip. Since it was just the two of us, we took my truck to its first hardcore show in a few years. At this point Dave usually drives so it was actually somewhat cool to drive for once. After dealing with the pouring rain, some crappy directions, and a trip to the mighty Santosa’s for vegan Chinese food, we finally found the venue. This is another VFW (I guess?) in Brick. Just how many VFWs does Brick have!? There seems to be at least three or four. I guess we missed the openers so after meeting up with some friends from the shore & Boston, plus the Brick locals, it was time for The Little Rascals to play.

I had never heard these guys before but quickly, after Gorilla Biscuits and Project X covers, they had my attention. They play heavy NYHC styled stuff just like Brick brother band Get Real. Soon enough they were also busting out a Slapshot cover, which got both Dave and I diving into the crowd and hitting the dance floor. A few more originals and then a Sheer Terror cover to end the set and both of us were sold on these guys! What a pleasant surprise to open the show.

We missed most of Robot Whales’ set to go get something to drink but I did enjoy what I heard. Apparently they intro’d with Electric Funeral. Robot Whales ended with a Quicksand cover. I am very interested in checking out their LP.

Either Get Real played next or before Robot Whales (mental note-stop writing show reviews six months later). They got a pretty crazy reaction. There were tons of people dancing, diving, and seeming like they were having a lot of fun. I really like Shore Style, but even I was surprised by how crazy the reaction was. At one point, Brett got his shorts ripped off, which lead to a lot of laughs. I hit the dance floor for their cover of Life of My Own, after which they played maybe one or two more before calling it a night. Easily this was one of the best sets I have seen all year.

As I said before, we were pretty bummed that Mind Eraser canceled this show. While Mental was setting up, I was sitting on the stage. At one point, I looked over at them and thought, “Man, they should open with a Mind Eraser song.” Well, low and behold, about two minutes later they were tearing through Chewed Up, Spit Out. YES! As that faded out they went right into History 101 (I think?) and tore through a great set. There was no way to really top Get Real’s set, but Mental got a great reaction anyway. A few songs before the end of their set, the power went out and that was the end of the night for all of us.

This was a great show. I was happy to get to eat in Brick and to be able to see a lot of friends I don’t see too often.