Underdog-Rain On The Parade-Bane @ The Melody Bar In New Brunswick NJ 11-15-98

Maybe Fast Times played this show too????

Bane got super big like six months after this show, but at this one they played to very few people. I remember their drummer blasting out some beats from a Negative FX song before they played. I yelled out “play that instead!” to some tumbleweeds. Wah wah. He seemed to appreciate it though.

Rain On The Parade broke up at this show. For the first time. It is a long story, but there was some beef and they ended up breaking up. Not many people were into them besides the car of people who came with me. I have seen a video of this show and I am right up front.

After the show, Ronnie played us some new songs he had been working on for a band called Fired Up (not, obviously, that newish band). This ended up, when Rain On The Parade got back together in the summer, being the “Fired Up Demo” that got released as a tape and then on vinyl I think. There was a Black Flag cover on the tape he played us that did not actually get released. I think?

Underdog were kind of crappy because the band seemed to be only sort of into it. Eh, whatever. They were better when they played again the mid 2000s.