Killing Time-Underdog-Bulldoze-Billy Club Sandwich-Homicidal-Icepick-Aggressive Threat @ New York City NY 7-3-05

The flyer for this show says it was “the last matinee” at CBGB and I’m pretty sure it was the last time I went there. CBGB was a shithole and I hated every second I spent in it. Clean your damn bathroom!

We got up to New York City pretty early for this one and ended up in a bar with a few friends making asses of themselves trying to hit on super uptight preppie women. I had a cell phone by then, so I went outside and texted with a friend who was supposed to meet up with us at the show. Funny thing is like two years later I was dating a fairly uptight preppie woman.

Totally unsure about a lot of the openers. We hung out in the back after being told we couldn’t sit down unless we drank. LOL. Fuck you.

I know Icepick had the singers of Hatebreed and Crown of Thornz doing their songs and some covers. They looked like they were having a ton of fun doing it. Billy Club Sandwich played a lot of shows back then. Bulldoze was totally not my thing. I’m pretty sure Dave K is friends with their singer.I’ve definitely seen pictures of him wearing a Hardware Fanzine shirt before.

This was Underdog’s first show back for what is now moderately regular appearances. For the next few years I seemed to see them at least once every summer. They were really good. Much better than the 1998 shows. There were a few brief scuffles that got broken up quick. I am fairly certain I have the soundboard for this show.

I spent a lot of Killing Time’s set in the back cooling off, but they were good too. I did go up front for their cover out “Out Group.”

This was one of my last regular trips to NYC for shows. It was a chore to get there from our hometown and between work and school just an annoying pain in the ass.