Antidote-Full Speed Ahead-Dynamo-Worthless-Straight To Hell-To Each His Own @ Asbury Park NJ 3-27-99

After a pretty iffy Antidote show in Red Bank a few weeks before, we headed up to Asbury Park to see them again. Full Speed Ahead were also playing, but another band really impressed us.

Dynamo was Carl The Mosher’s, ex of The Icemen and Underdog, newest band. In fact, I think a few people from his lineup of The Icemen were in it? They were great NYHC kind of mixing up the 82 and 88 styles. People started going off and also Rat Bones was there getting down. We had gotten to know him a little bit and despite his tough guy reputation I always found him to be a really nice dude. Dynamo did a few seven inches and a demo. Carl straight up gave them out to us, which was pretty cool.

Full Speed Ahead were good, but I do not remember anything really specific about this gig. Not a lot of people came out after Antidote’s disappointing set in Red Bank. The usual shore kids did show up though.

I remember Antidote giving some kind of explanation/justification before playing Foreign Job Lot. They did not play any more shows, as far as I know, until their reunions in more recent years.

Carl The Mosher was a cool dude. He was always so nice to all of us and remembered me years later. I always appreciated dudes in bands that were not above us little people.