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Alive & Well 8-29-98

These “Alive & Well” shows were a huge deal at the time. I did a three show weekend starting with the Ink & Dagger/Bluetip show the night before in Philadelphia. I was really running my car all around the tri-state area. I cannot believe it lasted almost all the way into 2004! Day two was better than day one for sure, but more on that in a minute… So two big rumors that summer: Judge was rumored to be playing this, but the story went that Mike eventually said no. That actually seems reasonable. The other big rumor was Rest…
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Underdog-Floorpunch-To Each His Own-Fahrenheit 451 at The Saint in Asbury Park, NJ December 1998

I remember very little about this show and had to ask a few people to remember much about it. I remember Rat Bones going off hard for Underdog. This was the show I think I first heard about the possibility of Mouthpiece playing some shows, which wouldn’t happen for another few years. Related: Someone in a big band at the time was chatting with a member of Mouthpiece at this show talking about how important Mouthpiece were and that they could really kick start what was starting to be a slowing down hardcore scene in New Jersey. That same person…
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