Shark Attack-The Gatecrashers-Tear It Up-To Each His Own @ M & M Hall Old Bridge NJ 11-18-00

This was, I am pretty sure, Shark Attack’s first show. This was a new band for members of Rain On The Parade and this kid Zack, who was also in Intention and later Smash and Grab and I believe No Warning? I think I had gotten a tape of the demo, so I was pretty amped up to head out to this show.

Shark Attack were great and the crowd went off as you can see in the video. They busted out a cover of “Nothing Done,” which is one of my favorite songs. Awesome.

I had to really ask around to remember who else played this show, but apparently it was Gatecrashers, To Each His Own, and Tear It Up. I saw all of those bands a lot, and wasn’t a big fan of any of them, so it is all a bit blurry in my head.

I do remember too I had some big exam the next week and someone made fun of me for skipping another show that week because I “only” went to a community college. Looking back, that is such a douchey thing to say. Fucking entitled, elitist, bullshit. Typical of the people involved in NJHC.