Murphy’s Law-Vision-To Each His Own @ Casino Skate Park In Asbury Park NJ 5-24-98

When I ran into this video on Youtube, I could barely remember this show but could very clearlyv see myself stage diving to both Animosity Overkill and Falling Apart, so I must have been there, right? Then I sort of remembered that this show was with Murphy’s Law and later confirmed it was in the spring of 1998.

What is up with the chin beard on me AND floorpunching backwards at one point? Who knows. I remember Murphy’s Law were really good at this show. They stuck to the hits and did not do any bullshit like play dub songs for 20 minutes. The stage, which Casino Skate Park normally did not have, really helped with people getting off some great stage dives. That was the only show, that I recall, they had a stage for. Weird. At one point, I dove and totally bashed one of our friends in the face.

I have no idea who else played this show….maybe To Each His Own?