Kill Your Idols-The Movie Life-To Each His Own-From The Black-Down In Flames @ Brick NJ 9-1-99

I remember this show being fairly lowly attended for some reason. Down In Flames covered Full Speed Ahead (I think this was the show), which was really cool. Shore bands who want to get over with the locals should do that.

Kill Your Idols covered Sheer Terror (but not Here To Stay). I think I went to dinner during a few of the other bands. I remember this was right before a new semester began, or maybe it had begun that previous week, and after one of the worst summers of my life I was ready to go back to school.

Plot Twist: I actually did pretty good that semester! I finally got out of developmental math (which I took with a few people from the shore…we would study and then go to Funcoland and then go to class…cool times…), plus a really interesting class on Children’s Literature and 101 level sociology class.