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American Nightmare-Death Threat-Striking Distance-Champion-A New Enemy-Outbreak @ Bound Brook NJ 5-31-02

Looking back, this was a really big show putting together some of the biggest bands of the time period. There have been so many bands called Outbreak over the years that I don’t even remember which one this was, nor do I really care probably. A New Enemy covered a Bad Brains song I think? Striking Distance were really good. I liked them live a lot more than I did on record. This how was really, really, packed, so I slipped onto the side of the stage to watch American Nightmare. Not my thing at all, but they always got…
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Agnostic Front-Death Threat-Fit For Abuse @ CBGB December 2004

We totally blew it at this show. Obviously, the draw here was Fit For Abuse but we left pretty late and ended up missing them. We got there just as Death Threat (sadly not Deathreat) began playing. Agnostic Front set up and Roger went into some variation on “This is our first song, from our first album…” and the place went off. Played a lot of the hits plus some surprising songs from later records (such as New Jack) and an assortment of “newer” songs. They were good, but a bit sloppy. At the end of the set, they busted…
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