Count Me Out-True Blue-Striking Distance-Time Flies-Third Degree @ Manahawkin Elks Lodge Manahawkin NJ 7-14-01

Hey, a show in my hometown! The Elks Lodge in Manahawkin hosted a few shows around this time as it seemed the NJHC scene was transitioning around a number of venues in places like Manasquan, Old Bridge, and Brick. This also worked out really well for me because I had gotten in a car accident earlier that week on the way to work. I was fine, although it could have been really, really, bad, but my car needed some work. Thankfully, I grabbed a ride with someone and headed over to the show.

The big draw for me at this show was True Blue. I remember being really excited to see them and they were…fine. They didn’t draw a big crowd, despite a lot of internet hype, and maybe on another day with a different crowd it would have gone better.

I didn’t watch a lot of the other bands. I never liked Count Me Out or Time Flies.