Count Me Out-True Blue-Striking Distance-Time Flies-Go Time-Desperate Measures-Faded Grey @ Manahawkin Elks Lodge Manahawkin NJ 7-14-01

What a week! I had car issues earlier in this week that nearly led me to wrecking my car, so there was a lot of nonsense about getting it fixed, paying for that, etc. I was really glad this show was right across town (literally down the street from the high school we all attended and that I would later work at for years). The big draw was True Blue, but Count Me Out and Time Flies had become two of the bigger bands in hardcore during this time.

I don’t remember much about Desperate Measures. Isn’t someone from that band in Iron Age now? I watched a few songs by Faded Grey because someone I knew was friends with them, but they weren’t really my thing. Go Time intro’d with “Vocal Test.”

The big draw for me and my friends was True Blue, who had blown us away with their “Leeway meets Cro-Mags” demo and ep. The only problem was…no one else was really into them. They were not over with this crowd at all. Oh well.

I was outside hanging out with their vocalist Patrick during a lot of Time Flies’ and Count Me Out’s sets. I was never a big fan of either of those bands and their decent into more melodic stuff was not going to help. I did dig the time I saw Count Me Out cover Beyond though.

This brought the number of Crucial Response bands to play my town up to two!