Burn-Count Me Out @ The Rotunda In Philadelphia PA 7-1-01

I hated every moment of this show besides when Burn was playing more or less. First, it was disgustingly hot. The AC in my car broke, so when it began raining as we went over the bridge, I had to open my windows a bit so they would not fog up, which meant everyone got wet. We finally found parking and met up at a friend’s apartment and headed to the show with him, but not before his dogs tried to eat my shoes, which everyone thought was so fucking funny. I hate dogs.

The rain had let up, but it was so gross outside. At the show, which we missed a lot of, the venue was really hot too. We ran into one of our high school friends who had become a nazi skinhead, but now looked like an emo. I am so glad I have basically dressed the same way since I was about 12.

Count Me Out were playing when we got there, but I never liked them so I hung out with my some friends I had not seen in awhile and then packed it up front for Burn.

Burn were great, but this show had a pretty low turn out as you can see, so it was pretty lowkey. The venue was so hot that I just chilled on the stage for about half the set because I was drenched in sweat.