Lifetime-Endeavor at Melody Bar in New Brunswick, NJ 11-22-97

I was never a big Lifetime fan for a few reasons. First, certain members of this band were pretty much straight up assholes and I was always pretty turned off by them. Second, a friend of ours growing up used to use Lifetime songs to emote his gross romantic obsessions with a few lady friends of ours. Eww. Nonetheless, I drove up with some friends and then met up with a few other friends of mine at one of their parents house and we were off to New Brunswick.

Lifetime played two sets because so many people showed up. I think Endeavor and someone else played this show, but we were outside and only got in for the second set. Watching this video, I cannot believe people liked this band so much. Bland pop punk that sounds like Gorilla Biscuits meets NOFX. The soundbite from The Outsiders is so fucking cheesy on that one record. I had kind of lived that punk rocker dates cheerleader thing briefly and it was not as cool or sentimental as people make it out to be. Also, it’s such stupid pop punk marketing to your feels about The Other Person. It’s the same scam Taylor Swift pulls in that stupid song about the one girl wearing high heels but she only wears sneakers. Don’t be a sucker. That shit is all about marketing.

I remember all these kickboxing tough guys going off for these sappy pop punk songs about girls or whatever and thinking it was so funny. Of course, you didn’t dare say that out loud because they would FUCK YOU UP or whatever. Zzzzzz. I think I hung out with my friends afterwards for awhile and then headed home myself.

Lifetime did play twice to accommodate the crowd, which was cool of them because The Melody was not the safest venue. It’s pretty ill though that dudes in that band were in ENUF.