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Lifetime-Somewhere In The Swamps Of New Jersey

Lifetime Somewhere In The Swamps Of New Jersey CD Jade Tree Records You know, in the year 2006 I just don’t see the use for a band like Lifetime. Listening to this right now just makes me mad: this is bad pop punk that has inspired millions of awful bands since. However, for what it is worth, this is a great collection of out of print material. This combines their singles, a bunch of compilations, and the Background LP. There is also a really terrible remix of Background that manages to make it even more unlistenable. Even though I can’t…
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Cloak/Dagger-Pinata 7″

Cloak/Dagger Pinata 7″ Grave Mistake Records This one was a pleasant surprise. Members of Count Me Out and American Nightmare playing indie rock flavored early eighties hardcore. Pinata is equal parts Hot Snakes and Circle Jerks. One of my friends mentioned The Buzzcocks when listening to this band. This record is pretty catchy and interesting; I am sure I will listen to it again. They recently signed to Jade Tree Records.