In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2: The Reviews

These were the reviews from In The Blink Of An Eye Fanzine #2 (#1 was a brief one pager that a few of these reviews appeared in originally). After a few issues of What Was Said, I switched names and tried pretty unsuccessfully to reboot the fanzine. A lot of the same problems that plagued WWS were all over this one too.

This came out in the summer of 1998. I am thinking late in the month of August perhaps? I did not do another fanzine for about eight months before the first issue of Parade Brigade Fanzine came together. I finally started to sort of get it right at that point.

I think it is so funny how, at the same time, I can see here how sick of youth crew/straight edge hardcore I am getting, but also am so psyched on anything that is even remotely more hardcore than some of the nonsense being passed off at the time.

Arms Reach/Found My Direction
Split Demo

This is a split demo from two of the best bands in the up and coming Australian hardcore scene. Arms Reach is a power violence band musically similar to Spazz, but with hard breakdowns. Found My Direction are speedy late eighties hardcore with lots of choruses and mosh parts. Well worth it. BW

Self Titled
Capsule Records

Ex members of Mouthpiece and By The Grace Of God bring you a record that hits you immediately after putting it on. A definite Dag Nasty influence plus a little Mouthpiece. All in all a very good record. Look for new stuff on My War Records. BW

Whatever It Takes
Revelation Records

This record sucks. Battery are such lame metallic “old school” hardcore. Maybe Revelation should stick to reissues. BW

The two words that popped into my head when I put this record on were FUCKING WOW. This is the best hardcore album I have heard in years. “Whatever It Takes” is Battery’s third album and the follow up to 1996’s Until The End. I thought Battery had found their sound and would stick to fast, slightly metallic hardcore with straightforward thrash and dance parts, but this new album shows that they have grown a lot since then. Whatever It Takes is faster and has slightly more intricate songwriting and even more personal lyrics but retains anthemetic quality of their previous releases. Battery just keeps getting better and better, proving once again that maybe the DC scene isn’t dead after all. This LP will be a major player and the release to beat in 1998. Do yourself a favor and buy, copy, or steal this album as soon as possible. Mike McKenna.

No Longer At Ease
Some Records

You don’t have this yet? What is wrong with you? You need to go buy this! BW

Split 7”
CI Records

Two evil sounding bands from Staten Island team up on this one. Put briefly, if you don’t like religion you will like this seven inch. This is also the now defunct CR’s final studio recording. If you like grind, you will like CR so check this out. Mike McKenna.

Beating The Masses
Underestimated Records

Finally, I can buy this after it came out on the super sketchy label Lost & Found a few years back. Cornerstone have members of Wide Awake and Fastbreak and sound very similar to them and other CTHC bands. Nine songs with a few from their demo. BW

Count Me Out

This demo came highly recommended to me, but I don’t like it. A few songs are okay, but most have too many chugga parts, which seem on an apparently youth crew styled band’s demo. BW

Double Decker Fanzine #2
The second instalment of this fanzine sees a repeat of what made the first issue good with columns, interviews with bands like Dropkick Murphys, Seein Red, Hansen Devola, and a reprinted Agnostic Front interview from 1984. Also included is an important article on tinnitus. BW

Fast Cars Fast Women
Big Wheel Recreation Records

Most of this record is a rerecording of the Where It Lies seven inch plus one song from their split with Ten Yard Fight. The new songs on here have a more structured, “melodic” feel to them reminding me of a mix between the final Youth Of Today record and later Turning Point. Make sure when they play your town that they play Fastbreak and Don’t Stop Trying. BW

Fast Times

My friend Ali is the singer for this band. They sound like Minor Threat, kind of, with girl vocals. Hilarious lyrics too. Overall I like it a lot. BW

Twin Killings
Equal Vision Records

I only bought this so I could make a decent sounding mix tape for my car. This is Floorpunch’s demo plus their seven inch. I am surprised, and if I was them I would have added, The three compilation songs they have done too. For those living under a rock, think Breakdown meets Project X merged with sincere straight edge lyrics and evil mosh parts. Jersey shore go! Mosh it up! BW

Full Speed Ahead
New Demo

Full Speed Ahead are one of my favorite new bands that put out a demo last year but have not played a lot of shows. This second demo continues in the Black Flag style, but more emphasis on later eras of Black Flag and maybe a bit of bands like Deadguy? Five new songs plus one from the first demo. BW

Full Speed Ahead
“Live 98” Tape

Full Speed Ahead do most of their songs plus covers of Negative Approach and Black Flag. If you like those bands, you will love Full Speed Ahead. BW

Get High
Self Titled

The girl at Fastbreak’s table told me this sounded like Black Flag and at times she was right, but it also has a post hardcore feel to it ala Quicksand. It’s not that indie rock where it gets dumb, but it is very heartfelt sounding. So say Black Flag meets Quicksand, which is not a bad combo. BW

Guillotine Fanzine #16
Raybeez always wanted to be on the cover of Guillotine…sadly as this was coming out, he passed away. There is a lot on Ray in here plus interviews with Agnostic Front, Silent Majority, War Zone, Down Low, The Business, Madball, Earth Crisis, Avail, etc. Also in here is a report on the situation in Northern Ireland and a nice review of one of my fanzines by Dan Skebra. BW

Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
Victory Records

I first became familiar with this release after my roomate began playing it on a regular basis. Hey, I like deathcore or whatever you want to call it as much as the next scene conscious hardcore kid, but I was never really motivated to listen to this. Overall, it’s not too bad, lots of good double bass work and such. Mike McKenna

In My Eyes
The Difference Between
Revelation Records

well I assume you have heard of In My Eyes by now and here you have ten or so new songs plus a few from their demo. Pete’s vocals are mixed a bit differently and remind me a lot of Pat Dubar from Uniform Choice. BW

In Reach

Well this is good and all, thrashy youth crew hardcore with good lyrics and a little bit of originality in subject matter, but there is very little mosh potential here. They need more breakdowns and stuff like that. Hey it is a demo and they will get better. The only thing that bothers me is the YOUTH CREW KIDS GO! Chorus to the first song. Sometimes kids are too positive. BW

It’s Alive Fanzine #16
I have been anxiously awaiting this new issue for awhile now. Fred has been doing this fanzine for years. This issue has interviews with In My Eyes, Youth Of Today, and Scott Radinsky of Scared Straight and now the LA Dodgers. There are tons of pictures in this fanzine and some good stories too. The follow up questions in the Youth Of Today interview are awesome! BW

The Judas Factor
Self Titled
Wreckage Records

Rob Fish teams up with members of Floorpunch and Ressurection on this promising record. Musically, this sounds like early Ressurection or maybe 108. It isn’t the Black Flag record people were saying it was going to be, but it is still awesome and includes a cover of them. BW

Kill Your Idols
Self Titled
None Of The Above Records

Awesome vinyl only record in the vein of Minor Threat. Real New York Hardcore. BW

Been There Done That
Victory Records

Madball have returned with a new seven inch on Victory (ugh). Two new songs that rock plus a Killing Time cover. Did I mention backups were done by members of Fastbreak and In My Eyes? My only real problem is that Freddy’s vocals are mixed weird…they sound really scratchy. I preferred the way they were on Demonstrating My Style. BW

Mincing Words Fanzine #12
I have been reading Christina Dong’s fanzine since about issue seven. I’m, not only friends with her but also a big fan of this fanzine. It is another one pager with the usual Christina writing and pictures of Speak 714, Rain On The Parade, and Ensign. It is one stamp so go get it! BW

Monster X
To The Positive Youth
Gloom Records

Monster X is a grind band that call themselves Straight Edge and are fucking proud of it. On this record they do covers of old bands like Bold, Unit Pride, No For An Answer, Uniform Choice, Youth Of Today, The Abused, Straight Ahead, and Chain Of Strength. This record is awesome. A lot of people might not like grind bands, but I do, so I love this record. BW

Morning Again
As Tradition Dies Slowly
Revelation Records

Wow this band is from Florida and wow what a shock more lame fake death metal. This is not progression, this is regression. BW

No Holds Barred

The pro wrestling picture on the front immediately gets my attention and the yellow colored tape looks like a Sesame Street tape I had when I was little. This demo rocks in the vein of War Zone with good breakdowns and much mosh potential. It’s good to see more bands coming out on Connecticut. BW

Various Artists
Our Own Way
Blackout Records

This compilation was put together by Tim Shaw of Ensign and has twenty or so bands and a lot are good like Ensign, Strength 691, OS 101, Kill Your Idols, and Model American. Only a few really bad ones. BW

Parting Shot

Rad new band from Pennsylvania with Brian and Pete from the Impact webpage. Music reminds me of Cornerstone, which I definitely like. Lyrics touch on the usual Straight Edge stuff with a style I like. I see a lot of potential here for something really good and this is a great start. Good demo. BW

Against All Odds
Victory Records

This band does awesome covers live, but on record have always been horrible claiming to be a “youth crew” band, but coming up short in many ways. New they are on Victory and surprise there is a lot less hardcore and much more chugga chugga crap. Is this the best Victory can do? BW

Silent Majority
Life Of A Spectator
Exit Records

These guys come from Long Island and this is their first album. They have a pretty melodic, some may say poppy, sound. Personally, I think they sound like a blend of Shades Apart, Lifetime, and Verbal Assault. Besides their great sound, Tommy’s lyrics are pretty original in the sense that they deal with family, growing old, and having a family someday, which may appeal to sentimental weeines as myself. I like this album a lot and anyone who has heard their previous seven inches will be pleased to know they haven’t changed their sound much. I recommend this one heavily. Mike McKenna

Speak 714
Knee Deep In Guilt
Revelation Records

Featuring the mighty Dan O’Mahoney, this record rules. It has an Ignite feel, but with Dan’s awesome, as always, lyrics, and trademark growl. A lot of people do not seem to like this record, but I love it. BW

Standard Issue
As We Grow
Screaming At A Wall Records

Awesome new band from Kentucky in the vein of late eighties speedy hardcore not unlike Wide Awake. Lots of breakdowns and choruses probably make for an exciting live show, which will hopefully make it to New Jersey soon. Look for this band to be on my tape compilation and a seven inch coming up on Third Party Records. BW

Stand Your Ground

This brand new band features Todd from Something Beyond Fanzine on guitar. Good stuff; late eighties sounding, but who cares as long as it is hardcore! I really dig the vocals on here, very well done and sincere sounding. The layout is a little too slick for me though, but that is a small complaint overall. This is a great demo and Todd does a great fanzine. Definitely check both out. BW

System Of A Down

Um…this sounds like a mix of Korn and Sepultura. It was given to me at my local record store for free with a purchase. I hope this is not another one of those bands that say they are a hardcore band, but are blatantly lame. I can see this band getting huge quick. Overall, it is crap even for this of stuff. BW

Time Flies

From south of the Mason Dixon comes Time Flies out of Virginia Beach. Two words: youth crew. That is right, the band’s name is no accident. At times the singer’s voice even cracks like Civ. These guys sound like a real throwback to, yup, you guessed it, 1988. Pretty catchy, energetic, and overall pretty good. Word is that these lads are recording a seven inch for Teamwork Records, further strengthening New Jersey’s stranglehold on the current hardcore scene. Keep an eye out for these guys. Mike McKenna

This demo is really good. Kind of reminds of Gorilla Biscuits. I enjoy listening to this a lot. Many mosh parts and good lyrics that are kind of generic, but at least it is hardcore so it’s all good. They have a seven inch coming g out on Teamwork Records so look out for it! BW

Time Will Tell Fanzine #5
This fanzine has interviews with Sick Of It All, Vision, Degenerics, and Second Ta None. Kind of short, but the interviews, especially the Vision one, are really good. Vegetarian information and stuff like is included also. BW

Vinyl Rights And Zines Gone Bye Fanzine #1
Clif from Cleveland’s new fanzine just came out and it is awesome. This has a lot of information on record pressings, which is a great idea and I am happy to see. Also has numerous pictures of bands both old and new plus reprinted interviews with Project X and Tim Singer (Boiling Point Fanzine). BW

The Kids Still Have A Lot To Say
Cargo Records

Vision has returned after the disappointing One And The Same seven inch with a blast of awesome melodic hardcore. As with every Vision record, it sounds slightly different from the last but this one is a keeper. A lot more melodic Bad Religion style sound this time out. The ska intro to one song was a bit weird, but other than that I like it a lot. BW

Youth Of Today
We’re Not In This Alone
Revelation Records

Why are you reading a review of this? Shouldn’t you be listening to it? Mike McKenna

This record is great but the remix SUCKS! Why can’t people leave these records alone? Buy that bootleg with this and Can’t Close My Eyes. BW

Youth Of Today
Can’t Close My Eyes
Revelation Records

Refer to my other view of We’re Not In This Alone. Mike McKenna

This one is crucial just for the Connecticut Fun compilation songs, but of course, again, the remix sucks. Why do the layouts for these reissues look so corny too? BW