Antidote-Full Speed Ahead @ The Black Cat In Red Bank NJ 3-24-99

The Black Cat was Ari Katz (Lifetime, Enuf, Up Front)’s record store. We went there a bunch of times and picked up good records. They did this and maybe a few other shows? I remember we talked in and the dude working there put on the Release 7”, which we dug. John moshed around the store.

Antidote got back together and played this show and one other at Casino Skate Park. Oddly enough, they had Carl The Mosher on bass. This led to many calls for Icemen songs. Remember how hard we all looked for soundboards and then suddenly there was this flood of them? Fuck.

Antidote were pretty bad and sloppy at this show. It was problematic having this gig at a record store because people obviously wanted to mosh, pile on, etc but really could not. During the mosh part in Foreign Job Lot though, people went off hard.

Full Speed Ahead had the same problem. This was also the release show, I think, for their seven inch on Teamwork Records and we got a nice grip of colored vinyl from the band for locals. One of the coolest things ever to happen to me is being thanked in their record.

We actually left this show pretty quick afterwards because we had set up for a movie down in Manahawkin. I think someone had set us up to hang out with some girls too? The movie was Cruel Intentions and I remember during the kissing scene with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Salma Hayek a bunch of bros got up and applauded.

Local edge band Crucial Intentions also got named on the drive to the theater. It was actually me that suggested it after wandering around some word play and a chat about a few new records on Crucial Response Records. I blurted out “Crucial Intentions” and the name stuck. I forget exactly who was in that band, but this dude Roy sang and he became a Krishna at one point. I sang a Madball cover for them while really, really, sick once. They used to also cover Brotherhood’s “Get Involved.”