Signifying Nothing Podcast January 7th 2012

United Youth-Fuck Your Standards (Demo)
Vaccine-Patriot (Crime In Blood)
Infest-Break The Chain (Slave)

Lethal Aggression-Newcaster Lies (Life Is Hard…But That’s No Excuse…)
Staring Problem-Scattered Pieces (Pissed Human Dick)
Give-Life Unknown (Self Titled)

Bl’ast!-Look Into Myself (The Power Of Expression)
Crow-Occupied Japan (Vertigo)
Cro Mags-Do Unto Others (Age Of Quarrel)

The Rival Mob-Raw Life (Raw Life)
Black Flag-I’ve Heard It Before (Blasting Concept Volume One)
Mauser-New Threat (End Of The Line)

No Hope For The Kids-Cold Touch of Death (Angels of Destruction)
Overkill-Hell’s Getting Hotter (Blasting Concept Volume One)
Hatred Surge-Brutal Supremacy (Brutal Supremacy)

Siege-Conform (Demo)
Siege-Walls (Cleanse The Bacteria)
Siege-Grim Reaper (Demo)

Christian Mistress-Mother of Mercy (Mother of Mercy)
Blasting Concept-Wake Of The Spudnik (Self Titled)
State Of Alert-Public Defender (Bootleg)

Free Spirit-Selfish (Free Yourself)
Mind Eraser-The Way Is Shut (Brutal Supremacy)
Soul Swallower-Absolute Power (Devoured)

No Tolerance-Sentenced (Demo)
Discharge-Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles (Never Again)
Rest In Pieces-Toys R Us (My Rage)

The Mob-Common Criminal (The Way It Was)
Confuse-Hate War (Japan One)
Cause For Alarm-In Search Of (The Way It Was)
Gil-Find Your Real Self (Japan One)

Antidote-Real Deal (The Way It Was)
Kuro-Selfish Cow (Japan One)
The Abused-Nuclear Threat (The Way It Was)
LSD-Just Last (Japan One)

Bad Brains Live In Philadelphia PA 1982
Fearless Vampire Killers
The Big Takeover
Joshua’s Song
Right Brigade