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Best of 2007

Demo Staring Problem, Demo, USA, 2007 New Lows, Demo, USA, USA, 2007 Nuclear Family, Demo, USA, 2007 Shorter Waste Management, Get Your Mind Right 7″, USA, 2007 Various Artists, No Bullshit Volume Two 7″, International, 2007 Various Artists, No Bullshit Volume Three 7″, International, 2007 Needles, Twisted Vision 7″, USA, 2007 Totalitar, Vi Ar Eliten 7″, Sweden, 2007 Longer Double Negative, The Wonderful & Frightening World Of Double Negative 12″, USA, 2007 Snake Apartment, Paint The Walls 12″, USA, 2007 Gauze, 貧乏ゆすりのリズムに乗って 12″, Japan, 2007 Knife Fight, Crisis 12″, USA, 2007 Invasion, Self Titled 12″, Spain, 2007

Signifying Nothing Podcast 5-7-12

Mob 47-Nedrusta Nu Cro Mags-Street Justice Larm-OSL DeControl-Philly Cops Soulside-Baby Ten Yard Fight-Enough Totalitar-En God Industri Ripping Corpse-The Hate Eternal Scream-Fight/American Justice Calvary-It’s Sport Blitz-New Age Out Cold-Shallow Vision-Undiscovered Ressurection-Melting Away Shark Attack-On The Attack Team Dresch-Take On Me Splitting Headache-Ratings Flood Quicksand-Unfulfilled Needles-Which Side Sacrilege-A Violation of Something Sacred Hatebreed-Empty Promises Citizens Arrest-In The Distance Bloodlet-Annulment Knife Fight-What Have You Done? Waste Management-Too Much Unity