Some Reviews

These never went up last year I guess…

Magic Circle
Scream Evil

People from the usual Boston bands come together to do this two song single of Late seventies and early eighties inspired Black Sabbath style metal. This reminds me a lot of the excellent Dio era record The Mob Rules. I have heard there is an LP out now?

The Grand Negative
Deep Six Records

I love being proven wrong in hardcore, and the fact that this long rumoured record finally has happened is a great example of this. Manpig has been a legendarily rumoured band as long as I have been involved in hardcore (which is edging up on 20 years sheesh) that was supposed to be an Infest related project. Of course, that peaks a hell of a lot of curiosity. Various rumours were passed around about what it sounded like and the originally recording was recorded over at one point. Yikes. Finally, this is out and features members of Infest, No Comment, and A Chorus of Disapproval playing hardcore in the vein of No Comment more than Infest, I think, but with some influences as varied as Am Rep bands like Helmet and I hear some influence from a band like Slayer on some songs. This is really good and was actually worth the wait.

The Last Pagans
Crucial Response Records

Wow, this is really good! Shipwrecked play Boston 82 hardcore ala DYS and the slower Negative FX songs with some Oi influences as well. There are so many generic 82 USHC sounding bands these days, but this band sounds great. I would love to hear more.

No Rules Demo

Great 88 style hardcore in the vein of Confront and Bold with more crunchy mosh parts like an Outburst or modern bands like The Rival Mob from this MA band. This demo is only three songs and goes by in a blur. Hopefully they do more soon!