Slayer-Hatebreed @ Convention Hall In Asbury Park NJ 1-25-02

Sort of randomly, I decided to go see Slayer early in 2002. Honestly, I do not remember how this happened but Jim Lundy and I drove up and were surprised to find Hatebreed was playing too. I was never a big fan of Hatebreed, but I checked them out and they were fine. I ran into a few shitheads from high school who were way into Hatebreed, brah. It was pretty cool that they had Judge rip off shirts, although nowadays tons of bands do and it is pretty stupid.

Slayer were…Slayer. They played all the hits and the crowd went crazy when they played. There were three pits going at one point and I ended up in one with a bunch of hardcore people, some nazis, and some metal heads. The nazis got beat up sometime during the set and tossed out by bouncers, which was pretty amusing. Pretty ill to hear a room of maniacs screaming I HAVE YET BEGUN TO TAKE YOUR FUCKING LIFE! at once.