Henry Rollins-Live At Luna Park

Henry Rollins
Live At Luna Park DVD 

The idea for this one was for Henry to appear at Luna Park each Wednesday for a month. Each time he was to present a completely different show and the “best of” would be compiled for this DVD. For a person like Henry who talks for a long time (over three hours last time I saw him!) it would be very interesting to come up with new stuff each week. There is some great stuff on here.

Some highlights include- 

  • Henry talks about working on Batman Beyond. His description of older Bruce’s deep voice is dead on, thinking Bruce is the butler is not. Whoops.
  • Apparently, Henry likes to listen to Slayer while driving in Los Angeles. Cool.
  • Henry tells this hilarious story about him and Ian Mackaye working at a theater in DC. They are showing some seventies faux porno and Ian and Henry run down the sides of the theater prancing around and throwing tickets in the air. They meet in the middle, thump chests, and bow.
  • The bonus feature is a story about Henry comically trying to upstage Iggy Pop at a festival in Finland a few years ago. Iggy, of course, catches on to what Henry is doing and totally one-ups him.

Overall, this is not the best Rollins DVD out there, but it is still at least worth picking up through Netflix. Every time I hear Rollins talk, I want to fucking destroy shit. That guy gets my blood going. I know many people think he is corny but I really dig him. This is cool even for the stories about Mackaye and Iggy Pop alone.