Show Memories: Fists Of Fury At Some Kid’s House Manahawkin NJ 5-9-97

This Fists of Fury show became rather infamous around town because I got in a lot of trouble for photocopying the flyers at school. I was in media class, bored, so I went and copied some on one of the school’s copiers. I didn’t think much of it because I had done it before and no one seemed to care. I passed out some flyers in school and handed them to a few guys in my class who were kind of on the fringe of the hardcore scene, hoping they would show up.

Well, a few periods go by and I get called down to the office and get totally bummed out on by the superintendent. I violated school policy blah blah blah. They tried to tell me that the flyer was promoting violence too because of the band’s name. I think they gave me a few detentions or something like that. It was the last month of high school and I could have gave a shit. I accumulated a ton of detentions my senior year after having a pretty spotless record before that.

I left the office and went down to the another administrator who I had a good relationship with. I was curious how they found me out? It turned out that one of the fringe hardcore kids snitched on me! They brought them down and immediately they ratted me out. We nearly came to blows the next day in class.

The show itself was pretty cool. I think another band played too, but there was absolute mayhem when Fists of Fury played. Lots of moshing and destruction. People went crazy and kind of wrecked the basement it was in, which was at some random kid’s house.

Someone hurt their arm and their mom gave me shit a few days later because I should have made sure they did not get hurt. I loved how I was 17 and everyone expected me to fucking parent their kids. That happened all the time.