The Story Behind The Never Released On Parade Tape Compilation

I mentioned in the XClaim! interview that Craig and I were working on the compilation. He mentions a bunch of the Australian bands that would have been on it, but I guess I never really brought out too many of the bands I had been courting. Basically, the idea was to do a split tape of American and Australian, and a few European, bands like an old BCT tape. Some bands like Standard Issue and H Street were giving, at the time, exclusive tracks. In My Eyes, Ensign, and Rain On The Parade were going to give some live tracks, but they either blew me off or I got them and then the compilation feel apart. I spoke to some other bands about putting demo tracks on it as well, including locals Fists of Fury and a few Manahawkin bands that basically only had rehearsal tapes like Black Marker 88 and Honorable Mention. I lost interest in the comp because, like I said, some bands blew me off about submitting their stuff and it crashed once school went back in September. Oh well.