Maximum Penalty-Vision-OS 101 at Stone Pony in Asbury Park, NJ 10-26-96

Because of the last minute nature of us finding out about this show, we had to scramble to get together rides and all of that. We ended up going with Joe from Fists Of Fury’s aunt, who was an ex punk, I think? I remember she was pretty preppie and loved ska. Also she was cute, so everyone in the car acted like idiots all night around her. Ugh.

OS 101 (formerly Hogan’s Heroes, sort of) had just recorded this first EP. Being the “hometown” band, I guess, we were, for better or worse, very supportive. I had been given a tape of the session and told “don’t share it.” So of course I made about 10 copies for friends and people going to the show. The band was *quite* surprised when all of us knew the words to the songs, but rolled with it more of less. Their vocalist Skip was especially cool with it and pretty amused. I interviewed them at this show.

I am almost certain this was the first time I saw Vision. We were really psyched to see them and our whole little crew went off hard for them. I remember a lot of the crowd being into them too, although it was a half filled room on such short notice. Vision not only played a few songs from their second, sort of forgotten, LP “Just Short Of Living,” but also played “You & I” as well. I remember a big pile on for “Animosity Overkill.” I spoke to Dave about an interview at this show, but he told me to talk to Pete, who I did interview but it never got published.

I interviewed Skip and Ian, and eventually the rest of the band, during the beginning of Maximum Penalty’s set. We heard them bust into a cover of “Pay To Cum” and all ran out for it. Next they played their songs from the Where The Wild Things Are compilation, which I was super psyched for. Everyone moshed one last time and we got out of there.