Full Speed Ahead-The Explosion-Stag Party-Born Annoying-Defiance Engine-Manalive @ Asbury Park NJ 7-26-14


This was supposed to be a secret show, which was not kept very well, for Bl’ast! on the east coast. They ended up cancelling their tour, but the show goes on with The Explosion replacing them. I debated not going to this show after a few friends bailed on it, but figured I could check out Full Speed Ahead again.

The show time apparently got pushed back, so this show ended up going really late. After a dreadful time finding parking, I got to the show before any band had even played. This was going to be a long night. I went inside and watched a few songas of Manalive, who had a few ex members of Rain On The Parade, Ensign, and I swear a dude who I think was in You & I? He looked familiar. I think I went to college with him for a minute too. Well Manalive sounded like Dillinger Escape Plan mixed with some NJ Bloodline/Fury Of V style break downs. Uh, not my thing.

Defiance Engine took a long time to set up for some reason and were pretty noisy. Uh, not my thing.


I hung out outside during a lot of Born Annoying and Stag Party’s sets catching up with a lot of friends. Both bands are locals and pretty cool. I think they both have records out?

The real draw here was obviously Full Speed Ahead. They played a great set, with Andy Scarpulla filling in with them for this show. Not a lot of people went off for them, but that was fairly standard back in the day too besides a few notable shows.

I got out of there right after FSA because it was already 1am and I wanted to get up in the morning to run some errands. I do not think I have ever even heard The Explosion before.