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Devoid Of Faith-Monster X-Hell Child-Dissolve-Human Remains-Malefaction-Unanswered @ Bayville NJ 8-11-95

I ended up meeting a bunch of people I still talk to in 2016 at this show. I had no idea who any of them were at the time, but they are friendships I value to this day. Devoid of Faith and Monster X were gateway bands for me and my friends into a lot of other cool stuff. Hell Child were from Japan. I do not remember a lot about them unfortunately, nor do I remember Dissolve. Human Remains were this incredible metal band from the area. They were pretty influential on a lot of bands that would come…
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Kurbjaw (Spirit)-Adventures In Immortality-Unanswered-Mandella Strike Force @ Bayville VFW July 1995

We got flyers for this show and others in Bayville that summer during summer school. I failed driving class (and the first time I took the test!), so I had to go for a week. Our school also took in a few other schools students for summer school, so we had kids from Lacey and a few others. Sometime that week, someone gave me a flyer for these shows. These Bayville shows were done by the guys behind Words Of Honor Fanzine, which was a local Straight Edge fanzine. My prom date was best friends with one of their cousins.…
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Judas Iscariot-You & I-The State Secedes-Stormshadow-Hope Delusion @ Masonic Temple In Metuchen, NJ 1-31-98

This was obviously a weird show, but I went to this show to talk to The Judas Iscariot about an interview. I really liked them and hoped they would be into it. I worked all day and then drove up to Metuchen, which is about an hour and maybe ten or fifteen from Manahawkin. School work? Nah. Driving on a few hours sleep? Of course! I got some odd reactions from some people who were surprised I was at this show. I remember I hung out with Paul Hanily for awhile. Hope Delusion used to be called Unanswered, who did…
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