Devoid Of Faith-Monster X-Hell Child-Dissolve-Human Remains-Malefaction-Unanswered @ Bayville NJ 8-11-95

I ended up meeting a bunch of people I still talk to in 2016 at this show. I had no idea who any of them were at the time, but they are friendships I value to this day. Devoid of Faith and Monster X were gateway bands for me and my friends into a lot of other cool stuff.

Hell Child were from Japan. I do not remember a lot about them unfortunately, nor do I remember Dissolve.

Human Remains were this incredible metal band from the area. They were pretty influential on a lot of bands that would come after them like Dillinger Escape Plan and other bands like that. They had great mosh parts too. One of the members would also be in Full Speed Ahead later on.

Malefaction were from Canada. We got a ton of stickers from them and stuck them at a bunch of Wawas on the way home from the show. They had a few records I think?

Unanswered played again and were awesome.