Signifying Nothing 03×05

I think, at this point, the podcast is going to be canceled, or, at least, released in a different form than weekly (I’m thinking maybe a longer, monthly, show? Man, I can’t imagine how Al does two hours a week!). Since the show came back for the fall, listenership has been sporadic. This will leave the written portion of Signifying Nothing as the main focus. I have a large backlog of reviews to post, plus some other features I’d like to implement. Let’s see what happens as we experiment with this new format. Hopefully, people care enough to check it out. I feel like hardcore is so splintered off into such obscure mini-scenes these days that people don’t go outside of their safety nets to check out anything, but I hope they do.

Now, let’s get going with some reviews. Still unloading the backlog, so there will be a bit from the past years and today as I go along. I refuse to do that “_____ bankruptcy” bullshit that people do with email, rss feeds, reading lists etc.

Mind Eraser
The Prodigal Son Brings Death 7”
Youngblood Records

As I said on the podcast a few weeks ago, Mind Eraser got really good while we were on hiatus for a few years. As this band continues to evolve, they combine Systems Overload era Integrity with the speed and thump of a band like Citizens Arrest, Taste of Fear, or Rorschach. Harsh, angry, hardcore. Still available from our old friends at Youngblood Records.

Demo 2009

Members of Tragedy and other Memphis/Portland tree bands get together to play fast, 82 style hardcore that reminds me a lot of Deathreat and Call The Police. I’m not sure how active this band is going to be, but hopefully there will be something more from this band.

War Cry
Not So Distant Future LP
Feral Ward Records

More members of the Tragedy Portland/Memphis tree playing Discharge inspired hardcore. Fans of Tragedy or His Hero is Gone will also dig this record a lot. I can hear some influence of bands like Crow and Judgment as well. Another great band coming out of the Portland scene. Still available from Feral Ward, who is a great label with a lot of good releases.

No Bullshit Volume Three Compilation 7”
No Way Records

The third compilation in this series is just as strong as the others. Highlights on this compilation include Life Trap and one of the final recordings by Out Cold. The absolute highlight is the inclusion of Double Negative, one of my favorite current bands. My favorite aspect of this series has been the new bands I have been turned onto via it like, for example, Socialcide or Life Trap. A great example of how lively newer hardcore bands can be. As far as I can tell this one is out of print.

I had seen these before, a long time ago, but check out these great videos from the early nineties. For all the horrible bands during that period, bands like Assuck, DropDead, and Rorschach continued to create excellent hardcore. Check out these videos from South Carolina:

The Proletariat-Soma Holiday LP
Taste of Fear/Disrupt Split 7”
Frank Wright-Kevin, My Dear Son LP
Political Asylum-Solitary 7”
Fear of God-As Statues Fell LP
War Cry-Not So Distant Future LP